Summer Schools

Rose Summer Schools are a really exciting way to learn new skills and make great friends over the long summer break. This is our seventh year of running the programme, with very talented and experienced staff.

We're also running a number of discounts on our summer school programme including:

25% discount for siblings
10% discount if you refer a friend.

Three-Day Courses (7 – 12)

Fee: £140 (£110 for current Rose Youth Theatre members)

Dates: July 22-24 (sold out); July 25-27 (sold out); July 28-30 (please note these sessions will be at an external venue)

10am - 4pm

Launch your summer holidays with three action-packed days making friends, playing games, learning new skills and discovering your inner actor!

We work with small groups to ensure everyone feels confident and our staff can give each student the attention they require. This summer our groups will work towards a short, informal showing of Fairytales, Historical Baddies, or Shakespeare’s Characters. The sessions are fun, but challenging. As ever, the Rose is telling great stories, so we work from scripts and ask our students to learn a few lines between sessions. At the end of the course, there’s the opportunity for individual feedback.

Our short courses are always very popular. We know from experience how powerful drama can be as a tool to boost self-confidence, develop team-working skills and a love of storytelling. Perhaps most important of all, it’s a chance to make new friends.

Students on our three-day courses will receive an exclusive Rose Theatre t-shirt.

To book call the box office on 0208 174 0090, or email for further information.

Plays-In-A-Week (10 – 20)

9.30am - 4.30pm, Mon - Sat

Fee: £200 (£160 for current Rose Youth Theatre members)

“We thoroughly enjoyed the performance and marvel at the hard work, energy and professionalism everybody brought to the show. Incredible what can be achieved in a week!” Paula, parent

For ages 10 up, we offer Plays-in-a-Week, intensive performance-based courses with a full, costumed production to finish. Each week will have three groups, arranged according to age. The cast of twelve will work on a challenging and entertaining play, learning sophisticated acting technique ready for public performance. Students are supported by top-level youth directors, friendly assistants (who can help learn those lines!) and stage management. Each script is specially adapted for the Rose Theatre, with lots of roles, ready to run at about an hour.

Each student will also receive an exclusive Rose Theatre t-shirt.

The Jungle Book (sold out)

24 July – 29 July (please note this session will be at an external venue)

Ages: 10-15 years

£200 (£160 for current Rose Youth Theatre members)

Rudyard Kipling’s classic novel has recently been specially adapted for the Rose Youth Theatre. With a focus on Kipling’s original story of Mowgli, the man-cub raised by wolves, this is an exciting, challenging work, and great fun for young actors.

The Wind in the Willows (sold out)

31 July – 5 August

Ages: 10-15 years

£200 (£160 for current Rose Youth Theatre members)

When Mole abandons her spring cleaning in search of adventure, little does she expect to be scooped-up by Ratty, Badger and the irrepressible Toad. A story of friendship and courage, this new adaptation of The Wind in the Willows was the most successful family show we’ve ever staged (Christmas 2016). This is your chance to get into the action in a shorter version of the same script.

Gulliver’s Travels (sold out)

7-12 August

Ages: 10-15

£200 (£160 for current Rose Youth Theatre members)

When Gulliver washes up on Lilliput, everything changes for the tiny island state. A giant among midgets, Gulliver is celebrity, foreigner and potentially a very useful weapon in the war with Blefuscu. Now Lilliput must tame Gulliver before the enemy launches its fleet.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

14-19 August

Ages: 13-16 years

£200 (£160 for current Rose Youth Theatre members)

Shakespeare’s most famous summer comedy delivers plenty of mistaken identity, mismatched lovers and hilarious rude mechanicals. Join us for the week and enjoy a magical comic adventure in the Athenian forest in our specially adapted youth theatre version.


21-26 August

Age: 16-20

£200 (£160 for current Rose Youth Theatre members)

Currently enjoying a revival on the bestseller lists, George Orwell’s classic novel is a portrait of a dark, dystopian future. In a world of Big Brother and Room 101, party worker Winston Smith manipulates news and dreams of overthrowing the regime. Topical and relevant, this is a fantastic piece for young adults.


28 August – 2 September (NB there will be a rehearsal on the bank holiday on 28 August)

Age: 15-19

£200 (£160 for current Rose Youth Theatre members)

Macbeth is the shortest and perhaps the bloodiest of Shakespeare’s great tragedies. A Scottish nobleman, living during uncertain times, learns from three mysterious women that he will become King of Scotland. He and his ambitious wife plot and carry out the murder of King Duncan, before each being consumed by guilt and fear. It’s a fantastic psychological thriller and a great challenge to rehearse in just one week.


Rose Academy

24-29 July
28 August – 2 September  (NB there will be a class on the bank holiday on 28 August)

Ages: 16-25

£200 (£180 for current Rose Youth Theatre members)

“One of the most insightful and enjoyable courses I have ever done … this has been such an important week for me.” Lizzie, student

Are you considering a career in acting? Are you interested in applying for conservatoire training? Today, London drama schools receive a thousand applications for every place available on their three year degree courses. The Rose Academy is here to maximise your chances of a place at drama school, whilst offering you a unique insight into the professional life of an actor. Work with the best practitioners from top drama schools and London theatre, whilst rehearsing your monologues and interview technique. This special course is by audition only.

Did you know? Conservatoires audition more than 1,000 candidates for each place; aproximately 25% of our Academy graduates go on to get one of those places. 

Contact to arrange a meeting.