Bring on the Bollywood

  • Thu 25 May - Sun 28 May

Devesh Sodha


Devesh Sodha is an international composer with a diverse range of work including adverts, trailers, albums, films and theatre.

His work has been featured with companies such as Nike, Forbes, Enduro Sports, Smash Haus, Quarter 4 Sports and many more. Ubisoft recently used his music for the promotion of Far Cry Primal.

He has produced an album, Second Earth, with some of the most world-renowned musicians such as Tina Guo, Uyanga Boldaatar, Aeralie Brighton. The album was published by Really Slow Motion and sub-published by Warner Chappell.

He frequently collaborates with Phizzical Productions, having composed for the tour of Cymbeline, The Nautch Girl and with his upcoming show Chaplin’s Raj, which is a musical and visual piece combining the work from silent era legends Charlie Chaplin and Raj Kapoor which will be accompanied with a live orchestra.