Mithun Gill


Mithun is a Kathak dancer from Bedford learning under the guidance of Sujata Banerjee in London. Graduating with a BA Hons Dance degree from Middlesex University allowed him to explore other dance territories through training in various contemporary techniques including Graham, Humphrey, Cunningham, and Release techniques.

Mithun has performed extensively with the Sujata Banerjee Dance Company, recently performing an ensemble piece Together We Can which was toured in in Kolkata, Mumbai, premiering in Kamani Auditorium at the famous Vasant Utsav festival in Delhi. The UK premiere took place in London Arts Depot, continued by a performance in Birmingham Crescent Theatre.

Most recently Mithun worked with the Balbir Singh Dance Company in the production Synchronised, Painting the Indian Gods and Unveiling of the statue both new works premiered at the Billingham International Folklore Festival.