Bring on the Bollywood

  • Thu 25 May - Sun 28 May

Yanick Ghanty

Amit Kapoor

Yanick Ghanty is extremely excited to start his Bollywood adventure with Phizzical’s amazing production of Bring on the Bollywood

Recently returning back to UK soil after living and working as a presenter for Click View in Australia, Yanick was given the opportunity to work with Sell a Door on their quite remarkable adventure of The Owl And The Pussycat.  

Yanick’s previous theatre credits include Raza Khan in How To Make A Killing In Bollywood with NLP Theatre and Caterpillar/ March Hare in Alice in Wonderland with Proteus Theatre Company.

Film/ TV credits include award winning Watch Over Me, Simon Pearce, Shakespearean remake A Simple Complication, and Dan Wilson