Dark and Lovely

  • Rose Studio
  • Fri 12 Jul - Sat 13 Jul
  • Sculptress Theatre

Ryanne and Bambi are researching their dissertations with no clue what to do when they graduate. Their entire existence has been building up to this final project, but what they discover has the power to rock the foundations of their society. In a world where honesty is not the best policy, Ryanne and Bambi are trying to change the status quo. But how can they make their voices heard when they are  so easy to ignore?

Sculptress Theatre create work that is both universal and personal – not just about the colour of their skin, but also about the content of their hearts. Dark and Lovely is their first production.  

Sculptress are part of Creative Youth’s Creative Talent Programme which brings talented young and emerging artists together with experienced industry mentors to develop their artistic work and career in the performing arts. 

Event Details

Age Recommendation: 14+
Running Time: 60 mins
Strong Language