Exhibition: Perceptions of Nature

  • Thu 14 Apr - Thu 02 Jun
  • An exhibition featuring work from Robin Rutherford, Paul Fearn and Becca Clegg.


Robin Rutherford

Robin is a London based artist who has exhibited at the Saatchi, Bankside and currently represented by the Atelier Gallery, Richmond upon Thames.  From a background in graphic design and adult education he now tutors life drawing and other art workshops.

His current work attempts to pause the continuous motion and constant flux of matter in time and space; from shifting cloud patterns, explosions of fire or the exuberance of dogs to capture the emotional memory of a scene which is sometimes missing from a photograph.

Forms in motion, bicycles, clouds, dogs, fire - to capture a moment in time is every artist’s goal but to catch the emotion behind that moment, then convey it via the canvas so that the viewer experiences the same emotion is sublime.

Website: http://www.robinrutherford.co.uk

Paul Fearn

Paul is a self-taught artist and nature enthusiast who is currently working out of the FusionArts Studios in Kingston. A founding member of the Kingston Independent Network of Creatives (KINC), he is heavily involved in ensuring engagement with community groups and the public to promote artistic events and foster a thriving arts culture for the borough of Kingston.

Since leaving an office career four years ago, his style of artwork has developed from photorealistic pencil drawings to Indian Inks, which in 2015 gained him a place in the final of the David Shepherd 'Wildlife Artist of the Year' competition at the Mall Galleries in London. Most recently he has been working with metal canvases and using patinas to create the textures and more abstract qualities found in the natural world. This approach allows his pieces to transcend the boundaries between traditional wildlife art and abstract art. 

Website: www.paulfearnwildlifeartist.co.uk

Becca Clegg

Becca Clegg BA(Hons) paints semi-abstract compositions, taking inspiration from nature and the decorative arts, using tramline and tubeline texture. She works in acrylics, adding inks for their intense saturation of colour. She allows their random fluidity to adapt her original ideas, working wet into wet. Becca adds intentional marks, allowing the final piece to be a combination of original concept and the painterly reactions of the materials on the canvas. Her work is above all colourful but she adds colour for purpose, as well as just for the sheer joy of it, to alter the mood and depth to form final compositions. She is interested in how abstract marks can suggest real things and how to make real things appear abstract.

Becca trained at Kingston University and worked as a designer before becoming a painter. She has sold to Europe, Australia and the Middle East, and through galleries, including the Lightbox in Woking, Bourneside in Dorking, at Denbies, Landmark Arts and several Open Studios.

Her Landscapes series paintings are panoramas, inspired by natural views, some relatively figurative, notably those of the coast, others less so, more imagination based. The Colour in Landscape Exhibition at Cumberland Lodge comprises approximately half of her most recent large landscape pieces, and provides vistas into other environments, creating beautiful surroundings to escape to. Becca lives and works in Guildford, Surrey with her family. She runs occasional workshops for adults and teaches art in a wide variety of media to 7 – 12 year olds once a month.

Website: www.becart.co.uk