Global Shakespeare Colloquium on Richard II (conference)

  • The Gallery
  • Sat 24 Mar, 10am

Please join us for this event exploring Shakespeare's Richard II.

Doors open at 9.30am, with the first session beginning at 10am. 

Speakers and topics 

Richard Ashby (Royal Holloway University London): 'Pierced to the Soul: The Sovereign Gaze in Richard II'
Thomas Cartelli (Muhlenberg University): 'Marlowe, Shakespeare, and Sovereignty'
Antonio Cerella (Kingston University): 'The Sovereign Sacrifice: A Genealogy of Political Representation'
Guillaume Foulquie (University of Worcester): 'Conceptions and Ideologies of Blood in Richard II'
Ronan Hatfull (Shakespeare Institute): 'Hollow Crowns and Thrones: The Postmodern Celebrity Richard'
Eric Heinze (Queen Mary University London): 'The Performance of Law's Legitimacy in Richard II'
Edward Paleit (City University London): 'Marlowe Never Dies: Deposing Sovereignty in Richard II'
Elena Pellone (Shakespeare Institute) and David Schalkwyk (Queen Mary University London):
'The Breath of Kings: Political and Theatrical Power in Richard II'
Ildiko Solti (Kingston University): 'Power Play: The Audience as Pawn in Richard II'
David Souden (British Museum) and Richard Foster (Independent Scholar): 'Pamela Tudor-Craig and Richard II: A Memoir'