Gulliver's Travels

  • Tue 02 May - Wed 03 May
  • Adapted by Josh Mathieson

When Gulliver washes up on Lilliput, everything changes for the tiny island state. A giant among midgets, Gulliver is celebrity, foreigner and potentially a very useful weapon. War with Blefuscu has been imminent ever since the Great Egg Rebellion. Now they must tame Gulliver before the enemy launches its fleet. Only young Demelza, Gulliver’s tutor and adviser to the Emperor, can stop all-out war.

Presented by Rose Youth Theatre.

Additional information

Three RYC Junior groups make up each cast.
Tues 2 May: Groups B, C and D directed by Lucy Morrell
Wed 3 May: Groups A, E and F directed by Josh Mathieson and Ciara Morris