Hogarth's Progress: The Taste Of The Town

  • Main Auditorium
  • Fri 21 Sep - Thu 18 Oct
  • The Taste of the Town is the second play in Hogarth's Progress Double Bill
    Written by Nick Dear | Directed by Anthony Banks

A highly imaginative comedy that makes Hogarth the Warhol of the 18th century' The New York Times on The Art of Success

A world premiere, The Taste of the Town is the second play in the Hogarth's Progress double bill and stars Keith Allen as the older William Hogarth.

The Taste of the Town catches up with the Hogarths some 30 years after the events of the first play, The Art of Success. Now hugely successful, William Hogarth and his wife Jane are still at odds with the world and with each other. Facing public ridicule for what he considers his finest painting, William sets out to confront his fiercest critic, but there’s always time for one more pint on the way.

Hogarth's Progress is a riotous double-bill of comedies by BAFTA Award-winning playwright Nick Dear. Following one of Britain’s most celebrated artists on two monumental pub crawls, the plays explore the extraordinary lives of William and Jane Hogarth at a time when culture escaped from the grasp of the powerful into the hands of the many. 

The Taste of the Town can be enjoyed as a standalone performance or together with the first play in the double bill, The Art of Success, either over different days or both in one day. Save £20 when you book both plays in the same transaction (top three price bands only).

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Age recommendation: 14+ (at parental discretion). Contains some swearing and sexual references at points.