Kubla Khan

  • Rose Gallery
  • Tue 26 Jun - Wed 27 Jun
  • Presented by Oily Cart Theatre Company

It was a miracle of rare device
A sunny pleasure dome with caves of ice!

Welcome to the world of Kubla Khan, a multi-sensory pleasure dome that you can touch, taste and smell. From the sounds of a kora to the feel of a flowing river, experience the temperatures and textures of Coleridge's acclaimed poem as the aroma of incense drifts by...

Coleridge’s poem Kubla Khan is brought to life in this multi-sensory, highly interactive and all-enveloping production enhanced by live music. The intimate and interactive performance is limited to six young people at a time, each supported by an adult carer to maximize their involvement.

Oily Cart's astonishing new work for young people from age 3 to 19 comes in three distinct versions:

  • For those with profound and multiple learning disabilities
  • For those on the autism spectrum
  • And for the first time ever for the Oily Cart, for those who are deafblind with or without any cognitive impairment.

If you would like to book a space, please call 020 8939 4061 or email [email protected].

Event details

Water is used throughout the show.

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Let Me In is an inclusive and accessible theatre festival, that specifically welcomes young people with a range of physical, learning and sensory needs. If you wish to discuss specific requirements with a member of our team please contact Olivia Coxhead on 020 8939 4061 or [email protected]