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★★★★★ 'One of the best plays of the decade' Daily Telegraph


The Riot Club are back in business. This time on one condition. They must behave. Keep it out of the Daily Mail is the promise. Preserve the reputation of the club.

On its first UK tour, these ten tail-coated young men, bred on caviar and fine wine, arrive at the Rose this autumn. After the mishaps of this exclusive Oxford group at their last dinner their President has promised its ex-members not to bring the club back into public disrepute. At a tough political time the reputation of the PM cannot be tarnished.

As the booze flows and the mood turns sour will the brotherhood prevail or will the lawyers of those with the deepest pockets preserve these bright young mens’ futures?

Tyger Drew-Honey (Outnumbered, Cuckoo) stars in this provocative dark-comedy, making his stage debut as Alistair Ryle, the toff with a chip on his shoulder.