Sheep Also Dream

  • Rose Studio
  • Mon 9 Jul, Thu 12 Jul
  • Presented by The Davis Brothers

Sheep Also Dream is a tale of two brothers who embark on a camping trip into the heart of Dartmoor. Attempting to mend old family differences, the pair use the trip to put the world to rights and reconnect as brothers. However as dark secrets and the unforgiving landscape begin to unfold, their journey into the mystical moorland turns into something neither of them were expecting. The production features creative storytelling, exciting visuals and original music, attempting to highlight the complexity of family ties juxtaposed against the harsh and spiritual realities of Dartmoor.

From humble beginnings in Plymouth, The Davis Brothers have grown up performing and making theatre together. Now firmly rooted in London, they continue to make engaging and thought-provoking theatre that explores morality, family and human nature. Sheep Also Dream marks their first original theatre production in London.

Event details

Suitable for ages 12+. Contains strong language and references to drugs. Duration 60 minutes.