Something's Not Lined Up With The Equator

  • Arthur Cotterell Theatre Studio
  • Mon 9 Jul - Fri 13 Jul
  • Presented by Shoestring Players

Premiering at IYAF 2018, Something’s Not Lined Up Perfectly With The Equator is a warm, funny and moving coming-of-age story. Struggling into adulthood and toward graduation, a group of students, each with their own special challenges, seek solace in one another's company. A sensitive exploration of the trials faced by students in the modern world.

Having received a national commendation in ensemble performance at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts American College Theatre Festival, the Shoestring Players boast productions of dramatic works in a variety of genres. The company has excelled in the development of devised work.

Event details

Duration 60 minutes.