The Princess Pyunggang

  • Arthur Cotterell Theatre Studio
  • Sat 7 Jul, 12.30pm
  • Presented by Bibimbab Youth Theatre

'Support freedom of expression? Then go and see this show!' The Stage, Edinburgh Fringe
'The passion and the strength and power of Koreans and their long dramatic experience... this was one of the best theatre performances I have ever seen' 2014 New York Fringe Festival

The Princess Pyunggang exemplifies Korean traditional culture and history through the story of a fool Ondal and the Princess Pyunggang. Performed in English, it combines Korean opera and dance to deliver a breathtaking performance and a unique meditation on love.

Bibimbab Youth Theatre was founded in 2007 by Sookyung Hwang as a response to the dynamic shifts occurring in Korea’s artistic culture. Rearing a new generation of Korean actors, BYT is a Korean Traditional Musical Performer-centered movement dedicated to integrating modern influences while honouring Korea’s rich heritage. Taken from the name of a popular Korean dish, BYT combines parts of contemporary art and stirs them into traditional theatre, creating new recipes for Korea’s theatrical canon.

Event details

Suitable for ages 5+. Duration 60 minutes.