• Tue 22 Apr - Sat 03 May

Directed by James Grieve

1833. Rural Ireland.

The British Army arrives to translate Gaelic place names into the King’s English. Farm girl Máire finds herself torn between the affections of the local school teacher and the love of a British soldier, between her native tongue and a new language, between the comfort of the world she knows and the excitement of foreign possibilities.

The resulting clash of cultures strikes at the heart of the community as they struggle to interpret a new language, and each other. What gets lost in translation?

Cast: Cian Barry, Niall Buggy, Paul Cawley, John Conroy, Beth Cooke, Hannah James-Scott, Roxanna Nic Liam, Rory Murphy, James Northcote.


★★★★★ A flawless production’ Mail on Sunday

★★★★★ Quietly superb’ The Times

★★★★ Energetic and dynamic’

★★★★‘ Brian Friel’s greatest play’ The Guardian

★★★★‘ To speak plain: go’ The Daily Telegraph